Not My Airport






Not My Airport.

I too watched the webcast of the council speakers and came to the same conclusion as Mack. As much as the Alberta Enterprise Group is trying to brand the city centre airport as your airport, the fact is most Edmontonians are dependent upon the International- that is our airport.

I can’t buy a billboard on 109th street, and I may not have been able to take off time to come and speak at the hearings, but I can vote with my keystrokes. Mack has provided a form letter online, but I would encourage everyone to add on their personal comments. Form letters garner form responses…

Go democracy 2.0

Dear Councillors,

 I am writing as a resident of our city and not in any work capacity.

Please close the City Centre Airport. I believe that this facility has served Edmonton well in the past but it is now limiting Edmonton’s potential. 

I am concerned that the ECCA is a poor use of real estate, close to the core of our city, that could be re-purposed into something more fitting with our vision for the city. I am concerned by the building height limits imposed and that the airport will stunt our future opportunities for a revitalization of downtown. Closing the airport will help keep my residential property taxes (which I pay through increased rents to my landlord) down.

I am inspired by the potential that our city has with this site and believe it is time to make the tough decision. In the long-term interest of our city, it is the right thing to do.

I would ask that we attempt to support general aviation outside of the city at other local airfields. Please do what you can to aid the small businesses that will be left out in the cold by this decision– would it be possible to provide some sort of financial assistance as they transition to new locations? In the interest of fast, efficient transportation for business executives and government leaders, we should re-open discussions with the province on a high-speed rail link to the airport.

Thank you in advance,


But let us not forget that this is not just about the closing of the #ecca. It is about ensuring that the site is home to Smart Growth TOD, POD, and GOD : Pedestrian Oriented Developments, Transit Oriented Developments, and Green Oriented Developments only apply. Pro-closure advocates must be ready to shift-gears if council closes the muni to ensure that all of the visions we have for a high to medium-density development adjacent to our core. This is an amazing chance to re-develop a section of our city that is a rare, and special opportunity. 

Garrison Woods in Calgary anyone?


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