Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

Dear Edmonton City Council:

Dear Councillors,

Thank you for your debate, discussion and leadership demonstrated yesterday. Closing the Municipal Airport was a very controversial decision that will have many ramifications. As an Edmontonian who wrote you and expressed my views, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your decision.

I believe this decision is a step in the right direction and is moving our city forward in a sustainable way. This decision was not just about closing the municipal airport, but was a discussion about how our city should grow in the next fifty years. Let us not lose this chance to move forward and create further density with mixed-use communities in our core.

The potential for the further expansion and centralization of NAIT, and the potential for pedestrian oriented, transit oriented and green oriented developments will pay dividends to future generations of Edmontonians. The recent ICLEI conference showed some amazing examples of high-to-medium density walkable, green communities that we could develop right here in our city. Many Edmontonians are envious of Garrison Woods in Calgary and we now have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make our airport lands into just as desirable.

As I mentioned in my last letter (Jun 19, 2009), I would ask that we attempt to support general aviation outside of the city at other local airfields. Please do what you can to aid the small businesses that will be left out in the cold by this decision– would it be possible to provide some sort of financial assistance as they transition to new locations? In the interest of fast, efficient transportation for business executives and government leaders, and in light of the recent provincial report we should re-open discussions with the province on a high-speed rail link to the airport.

Thank you. You have moved the sustainability and livability of our city forward.