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Sustainable Works

The Greater Edmonton Alliance is working on a new ec0-program this summer. Along with championing local food, this organization has it hands in many different causes that work for the greater good.

Sustainable Works Pilots to get underway this summer

Sustainable Works will complete retrofits on 15 pilot project homes this summer.

Sustainable Works is a project aimed at lowering the utility bills of a large number of Edmonton households while creating green jobs and lowering Alberta’s carbon footprint.

“Utlity bills are really the elephant in the room when it comes to housing costs for families. Some families are paying more than 25% of their housing cost to utility companies,” says Jeff Gusdal, of Trinity Lutheran Church.

GEA is organizing to launch the Sustainable Works Project on November 18th, 2009 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish.

“Our plan is to have 500 citizens pledged to complete Sustainable Works Audits in 2010 and to have major player from government, utility companies, and financial institutions present at the Assembly in November,” say Laura Jeffrey’s, GEA Assoicate Organizer.

GEA is hosting a Sustainable Works Organizing Training and Neighbourhood Canvass on July 18th- click here for details.